Diversified Realty Appraisal was founded in 1977 by its current managing partner, Michael Peters (MAI, MBA).   From offices in Newport Beach, California, Diversified has provided valuation and advisory services relating to virtually all real property uses and transactions.   Diversified's clients include some of the country's most prominent banks, non-bank lenders, publicly held companies, insurance companies and law firms.   Each year, Diversified provides valuation services in connection with properties with an aggregate value in excess of one billion dollars.

Diversified's Value Proposition

As a mid-size boutique valuation firm with the expertise and experience to address virtually any real estate valuation issue, Diversified offers an outstanding value proposition.

    With three holders of advanced degrees, a Member of the Appraisal Institute, and over 125 years of combined experience, Diversified brings an exceptional level of expertise to real estate valuation.   Estate and gift tax related valuations are done by a team that includes two JDs (both with substantial estate planning experience).   Although it does not dispense legal advice, Diversified believes that the inclusion of attorneys on its professional staff enhances its ability to communicate with practitioner clients.
    Diversified believes that, as a mid-size owner-operated valuation firm, it is able to achieve certain economies and efficiencies that benefit its clients.   Diversified's managing partner, Michael R. Peters, oversees valuations at each critical juncture of a project (i.e. inception, staffing the project, development of scope and methodology, appraisal analysis and final report.).   In this manner, orderly workflow is ensured, clients are kept fully abreast of their assignments, phone calls are returned promptly and deadlines are met.   No report leaves the office until it has been reviewed by the managing partner (and others with special competence in the subject of the valuation).   Diversified maintains a collegial atmosphere, so that each valuation benefits from the accumulated knowledge of its entire professional staff.
    Diversified believes that its ability to provide an authoritative valuation (i.e. one that convinces the reader of its accuracy and completeness) depends on demonstrated objectivity and adherence to professional and ethical standards.
    Unlike some larger firms, real estate valuation is Diversified's only business.   Given the complexity of real estate valuation and the opportunity for conflicts of interest, Diversified believes that no organization can or should devote less than all of its energy to real estate valuation.
    Diversified appraisals comply with all applicable federal and state requirements.